Meet the Maisonly team, led by Julio Arco (also founder of Bark and Chase)

At Maison Lyle Online Interior Design, our primary aim is to inspire you with photographic examples, giving each image a context that extends beyond its frame. We believe in the power of visuals complemented by insightful content, and in some cases, direct pathways to make those inspirations a tangible part of your life. Join us on this journey of discovery, where inspiration meets practicality, and where your dream space becomes an achievable reality.

While we fondly refer to our collection as a “photographic catalog,” it’s not a catalog in the traditional sense. Instead, it represents the heart of each blog post—four carefully selected images that go beyond mere decoration, serving as muses for your imagination. These snapshots are the starting point, inviting you into a narrative of transformation and possibility. Our mission is to ignite your creativity through these visual stories, offering more than just a glimpse into various styles and spaces.

Leading the visionary team at Maisonly is Julio Arco, the distinguished founder also known for creating Bark and Chase. With a rich heritage in architecture, interior design, urban planning, and residential projects, Julio’s academic endeavors span top-tier universities across North America and Europe. His profound knowledge and significant contributions to the field have set a solid foundation for Maisonly’s innovative approach to online interior design collaboration. 

From conceptual idea boards to detailed visual renderings, our team offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to bring your vision to life, complete with a personalized shopping list. For new clients, we’re delighted to extend a 25% discount, inviting you to explore the synergy of our expertise with your personal style.

Julio’s philosophy centers on creating environments that foster health, relaxation, and well-being, employing evidence-based design principles to curate spaces that resonate with tranquility and invite happiness. Educated at ITESM and McGill University and affiliated with the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, his holistic design approach is reflected in every project. Whether teaching at ITESM, focusing on pet-friendly designs, or incorporating rejuvenating spaces, Julio is committed to enhancing living environments in ways that are both unique and health-conscious.

Through his leadership, Maisonly champions the idea that the right blend of sound, music, color schemes, textures, and patterns can transform any space into a serene haven. By staying at the forefront of residential design trends and research, Julio guides individuals in selecting materials, colors, and designs that not only reflect their personal style but also contribute to well-being. His work emphasizes the psychological benefits of open-plan layouts, natural lighting, and the incorporation of greenery, underscoring the vital role of thoughtful design in fostering a tranquil, healthy living environment.

Discover the depth of Julio’s expertise and the innovative Maisonly approach by diving into our blog. Here, our curated photographic catalog is just the beginning. Beyond inspiring images, we offer the knowledge and tools to turn your inspired ideas into reality, with Julio and the Maisonly team leading the way in crafting spaces that are as beneficial to your well-being as they are beautiful to behold.

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