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If you’ve landed on this page, it’s likely you’re contemplating the services of an online interior designer, and you’re in the perfect spot for it. Let me introduce myself briefly. Opting to collaborate with me opens up an opportunity for you to enjoy a discount ranging from 25% to 45% on your initial interior design project.

I am Julio Arco, with years of experience under my belt as an architect, interior designer, and online interior designer at Havenly (Online Interior Design), besides being the founder of Bark and Chase, Maisonly Interior Design, and an urban designer. My academic background includes a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture from ITESM and a Master’s in Urban Design and Housing from McGill University. Furthermore, I am a proud member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC) and serve as an Architecture Professor at ITESM.

My master’s thesis delved into evidence-based design (EBD), a methodology that utilizes rigorous research to inform decisions about the built environment, thereby ensuring the best outcomes. Originally devised to enhance healthcare settings by improving patient care and staff working conditions, EBD has now been extended into the realm of residential design. You can access my thesis here.

How Does Online Interior Design Work with Havenly?

After obtaining my master’s degree in 2016, I began my journey as an online interior designer with Havenly. Established in 2013, Havenly is a pioneering online service that provides professional interior design assistance. It enables users to engage with expert designers to craft bespoke room layouts that align with their individual taste and financial plan.

The procedure kicks off with a style quiz to ascertain the user’s preferences, followed by the selection of a designer suited to their style. Together with the chosen designer, users then embark on crafting a tailored design for their space. Additionally, users have the option to purchase recommended furnishings and decorations directly via Havenly. The platform’s mission is to democratize professional interior design, making it accessible and affordable to a broader audience. Having been with Havenly since its nascent stages, I can personally attest to its value and efficacy.

How to Work With Me

First and foremost, I’m deeply grateful that you’ve selected me as your designer! To begin collaborating with me, please follow this Havenly Link, which will instantly apply a 25% discount to the existing price for a Full Package on Havenly. Furthermore, you can enter the promo code 4c7441bcfb at checkout for additional benefits.

  1. After clicking the link provided above, you will be prompted to ‘Try Havenly.’

2.- Click on “Get Started” and “Take the Quiz!” Follow the onscreen instructions until you are requested to add your email to create your account and see the quiz results

3.- Proceed by clicking “Next” and follow the on-screen prompts where you will be inquired about your home and your preference between an Online or In-Person interior designer. Should you wish to collaborate with me, please select “Online.” Alternatively, if you’re interested in working with one of my distinguished colleagues in person, simply choose “In Person” and then pick your preferred designer.

4.- Once you’ve chosen your designer, you will be prompted to choose between a Mini Package, a Full Package, or an In-Person Design. I recommend opting for the Full Package. Following your package selection, a recommended designer will be presented to you. Remember, you have the flexibility to explore and select a different designer if you wish.

5.- Finally, you’ll see your Order Summary, in which you’ll see my code 4c7441bcfb applied and receive 25% off the current price, regardless of whether it already has a discount. And it is as easy as that!

I understand this might be a lot to digest, so if you’re looking for more information, here’s a quick guide to help.

Understanding Havenly’s Process
Havenly connects users with skilled designers through its online platform, offering design services at affordable rates. Whether you’re looking for a simple refresh or a full transformation, Havenly has you covered. Designers work with clients to create initial style drafts, refine them through feedback, and deliver a final design plan along with a shopping list for direct purchases from Havenly’s site.

Starting with a Design Quiz
The journey begins with a design quiz on Havenly, where clients pick their favorite room setups and assess their design savvy. This quiz, powered by Havenly’s algorithm, identifies the user’s main and secondary design styles. Additional questions about room preferences, budget, timeline, and location help tailor designer recommendations. Clients can browse through designer portfolios and check their schedules before making a decision.

Designer Choices
With over 200 designers from across the Americas, all fluent in English, clients are sure to find a good fit. While a background in interior design and experience is preferred, Havenly doesn’t strictly require certifications. Clients can see when designers are available to start projects, with most beginning within a week, though exact start dates are flexible.

Design Packages and Pricing
Havenly offers three tiers of design packages. The Online Mini package at $129 is perfect for quick updates, providing initial ideas and unlimited revisions. The Online Full package, at $199, adds a custom floor plan and visualizations, except for kitchens and bathrooms. In select cities, in-person consultations are available for $699, including comprehensive services from home visits to 3D renderings, plus exclusive discounts.

Shopping with Havenly
Once designs are finalized, clients receive a shopping list from Havenly’s store, which collaborates with over 200 retailers to offer a wide range of styles. Shopping is streamlined through category, color, and material filters, though customers may find deals elsewhere.

Financing Options
Through a partnership with Affirm, Havenly provides flexible payment plans over 3, 6, or 12 months with starting rates at 0% APR, making purchases more manageable.

The Havenly App
For convenience, Havenly’s app extends its desktop features to mobile, compatible with iOS 8.0 or later, facilitating interaction with designers and shopping on the go.

Customer Support
Havenly offers support through phone, email, and text, also maintaining a social media presence. They suggest email for the best service, with phone support available during business hours.

Satisfaction Guarantee
Havenly promises 100% satisfaction, allowing unlimited revisions for design projects. Product guarantees follow the original retailer’s policies, ensuring peace of mind with every purchase.


  1. Who is Julio Arco?
    Julio Arco is a skilled architect and designer with a broad range of experience in architecture, interior, and urban design. His global education and professional practice include roles at Havenly as an online interior designer, founder of Bark and Chase, and urban designer in the U.S. He possesses degrees from ITESM and McGill University and is a member of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada (RAIC).
  2. What’s the process for online interior design with Julio Arco?
    Engaging with Julio Arco for interior design is an efficient online journey, encompassing everything from initial concept boards to comprehensive design plans, visual renderings, and personalized shopping lists. This process starts with a style quiz on Havenly, followed by selecting Julio as your designer, and collaborating to tailor a unique room design.
  3. What discounts are available with Julio Arco?
    Engaging Julio Arco for your design project unlocks a discount of 25% to 45% off your first project. This discount is applied when you enter the code 4c7441bcfb at Havenly’s checkout.
  4. Can you define evidence-based design?
    Evidence-based design (EBD) utilizes solid research to inform design decisions, ensuring optimal outcomes. Julio Arco’s master’s thesis emphasized EBD, a concept originally aimed at enhancing healthcare environments but now applied broadly, including in residential settings.
  5. Overview of Havenly and its services
    Launched in 2013, Havenly is an online platform offering professional interior design services, facilitating user collaboration with designers to achieve tailored room designs that fit personal tastes and budgets. It also simplifies the purchasing process for furniture and decor directly through its website, broadening access to professional design services.
  6. How the Havenly design quiz functions
    The Havenly design quiz helps identify users’ design preferences through image selections and questions about design knowledge. An advanced algorithm then pinpoints the user’s primary and secondary design styles. Additional queries help refine preferences for tailored designer recommendations.
  7. Details on Havenly’s designer roster
    With over 200 designers from across the Americas, proficient in English, Havenly emphasizes qualifications such as degrees in interior design and relevant experience, though not strictly requiring certification. Clients have the option to explore designers’ profiles and availability.
  8. Shopping with Havenly
    Clients receive a shopping list after finalizing their design, sourced from Havenly’s partnerships with over 200 retailers, offering a wide range of styles. Searches can be filtered by category, color, and material, streamlining the selection process.
  9. Customer support provided by Havenly
    Havenly offers customer assistance through phone, email, and text, maintaining an active presence on social media platforms. Email is recommended for the best service, with phone support available at designated times.
  10. What packages does Havenly offer?
    Havenly’s service tiers include:
  • The Online Mini at $129, perfect for updates with three initial concepts.
  • The Online Full at $199, ideal for thorough transformations with custom plans and visualizations, not covering kitchens and bathrooms.
  • In select cities, $699 gets in-person consultations, complete with home visits and detailed design services.
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